Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685–1750)

"Concerto" (beginning of a cantata, D) BWV Anh. 198 / Anh. I 19‑>; BC A 182; BWV 149/1a [1998]

Sacred cantata (Michaelmas [29 September])

B solo, S, A, T, B, trumpet I, trumpet II, trumpet III, timpani, oboe I, oboe II, violin I, violin II, viola, basso continuo
EZ September 1729? (vgl. BWV 201); Apart from 14 bars of the first movement (title: "Concerto") the music is lost; the libretto ist unknown;
the first word of the beginning was "Man" (compare BWV 149 "Man singet mit Freunden vom Sieg"); because of that M. Helms assumed that this dismissed movement was planned as a new movement for BWV 149; the reason why it was not finished is unknwon, instead of this movement Bach used the final choir of BWV 208 ("Jagdkantate") as first movement of BWV 149; Lit.: Spitta II, p. 277.
NBA I/30, -- (Marianne Helms, 1973) – Critical report (1974), S. 112;
NBA I/40, -- (Werner Neumann, 1969) – Critical report (1970), S. 98
D-B Bach P 175 [Original source]
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