Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685–1750)

Aria variata, a BWV 989

Work for keyboard instruments with or without pedal keyboard

The title, which was shortened to "Aria. Variata. all. Man. Italiana" in the oldest source, means "Manual Italiana". (It is a piece for an instrument with a greater range in the bass).
NBA V/10, S. 21 (Hartwig Eichberg, 1976) – Critical report (1982), S. 40
B-Br Ms II 4093 Mus (Fétis 2960)
D-B 30069
D-B Bach P 279
D-B Bach P 484
D-B Bach P 801 [Konvolut]
D-B Bach P 801, Faszikel 23
D-B Bach P 804 [Konvolut]
D-B Bach P 804, Faszikel 21
D-LEm Becker III.8.4 [Andreas-Bach-Buch] [Original source]
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