Gottlob! nun geht das Jahr zu Ende BWV 28; BC A 20 GND

First Sunday of Christmas, Cantata Cycle III (1725-1727)
Sacred cantata
Psalm: Psalm 117
Epistel: Galater 4, 1-7
Gospel: Lukas 2, 33-40
Sopran solo, Alt solo, Tenor solo, Bass solo, Sopran, Alt, Tenor, Bass, Cornetto, Trombone I, Trombone II, Trombone III, Oboe I, Oboe II, Taille, Violine I, Violine II, Viola, Basso Continuo

Date of origin, Work history
vor dem 30. Dezember 1725
First performance on December 30, 1725. Movement 2 was edited (now with stanza 5) and reused in the Pasticcio motet "Jauchzet dem Herrn, alle Welt", which was preserved only after Bach's death (see BWV³; Appendix C, page 718). It was also preserved individually (in an edited form) as BWV¹ 231 or BWV²ᵃ 28/2ᵃ
Early performances
, Leipzig (Premiere) (Link to event)
relation to other works:
is part of BWV diverse [3. Jg.]
relation from other works:
is adapted in BWV 28/6 ChS
Link to videos:
Gottlob! nun geht das Jahr zu Ende, BWV 28 (Amsterdam Baroque, T. Koopmann)

Author Libretto
Neumeister, Erdmann (1671–1756)
Erdmann Neumeister. Movement 2: Nun lob, mein Seel, den Herren (J. Gramann, date of composition 1530; first publication 1540), stanza 1. Movement 3: Jeremiah 32, 41. Movement 6: Helft mir Gotts Güte preisen (Paul Eber, 1570), stanza 12. Printed texts: Neumeister 1714 (lost); Neumeister 1716/1717, page 45; Neumeister 1717, page 15; Döbeln 1736
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Author Chorale
Gramann, Johann (1487-1541)
Eber, Paul (1511-1569)
Bible verse

Original sources
D-B Bach P 92 [Score]
D-B Bach St 37 [Part(s)]
Additional sources
D-B Bach P 100 [Score]
D-B Bach P 1159/VI, Faszikel 5 [Score]
PL-Wu RM 5913, Faszikel 5 [Score]
PL-Wu RM 5913 [Konvolut] [Score]
Verschollen Choralsammlung [Score]
Verschollen Choralsammlung [Score]
Verschollen Sing-Akademie BWV 28, Partitur [Score]


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