Du wahrer Gott und Davids Sohn [rehearsal version in b] BWV 23.2; BWV 23; BC A 47b GND

unday next before Lent/Quinquagesima Sunday/Estomihi, Cantata Cycle I (1723/1724)
Other catalogues
NV 1790, S. 76 [6]
Sacred cantata
Psalm: Psalm 31
Epistel: 1. Korinther 13, 1-13
Gospel: Lukas 18, 31-43
Sopran solo, Alt solo, Tenor solo, Bass solo, Sopran, Alt, Tenor, Bass, Clarino (bei Wiederaufführung 1724 ersetzt durch: Cornetto und Trombone I, Trombone II, Trombone III), Oboe d’amore I, Oboe d’amore II, Violine I, Violine II, Viola, Basso continuo

Date of origin, Work history
vor dem 07. Februar 1723
First performance on February 7, 1723. For this performance, as part of the Leipzig Cantorate audition (Dok. II No. 122–124), where the work (in B minor) was played after the sermon as the second cantata, Bach added as movement 4 a (newly composed?) motet-like choral setting with obligatory instruments, which was then reused in 1725 (in G minor) as the conclusion of BWV 245.2. Subsequent performance on February 20, 1724 (autograph notations for Trombone parts I–III)
Early performances
, Leipzig, St. Thomas Church (Premiere) (Link to event)
, Leipzig, St. Thomas Church (Link to event)
relation to other works:
is part of BWV diverse [1. Jg.]
is revision of BWV 23.1 / BC A 47a
relation from other works:
has revision BWV 23.3
Link to videos:
Du wahrer Gott und Davids Sohn, BWV 23.2, (Netherlands Bach Society)

Author Libretto
unknown author
Author unknown; Movement 4: Agnus Dei (German, Braunschweig, 1528)
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Original sources
D-B Mus.ms. Bach St 16, Faszikel 1 [Part(s)]
D-B Mus.ms. Bach St 16, Faszikel 2 [Part(s)]
D-Bsa SA 5175 (7), Faszikel 1 [Part(s)]
Additional sources
D-B Mus.ms. Bach P 1021 [Score]
D-B Mus.ms. Bach P 1159/X, Faszikel 3 [Score]
D-B Mus.ms. Bach P 469, Faszikel 1 [Score]
D-B N.Mus.ms. 10072-7 [Score]
D-Bsa SA 18 [Part(s)]
D-Bsa SA 5175 (7), Faszikel 2 [Part(s)]
D-Bsa SA 834, Faszikel 3 [Score]
Verschollen Sing-Akademie BWV 23/4, Partitur [Score]


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