Es ist das Heil uns kommen her BWV 9; BC A 107 GND

Sixth Sunday after Trinity, Choral Cantatas copmposed at a later stage
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BR-WFB N 140
Chorale cantata
Psalm: Psalm 33
Epistel: Römer 6, 3-11
Gospel: Matthäus 5, 20-26
Sopran solo, Alt solo, Tenor solo, Bass solo, Sopran, Alt Tenor, Bass, Flauto traverso, Oboe d'amore, Violine I, Violine II, Viola, Basso continuo

Date of origin, Work history
1. August 1734 (Schreiber Gottfried Theodor Krauß, siehe Wollny BJ 2015)
Date of composition August 1, 1734 (Scribe Gottfried Theodor Krauß, see Wollny BJ 2015); shortened subsequent performance likely on July 8, 1736 (script forms, copyist Rudolph Straube); subsequent performance around 1740–1747 (autograph addition in basso continuo part (transposed/figured)); further performance around 1759 by Wilhelm Friedemann Bach in Halle (performance materials)
Early performances
, Leipzig (Link to event)
relation to other works:
is part of BWV diverse [Jg. 2b]
relation from other works:
is adapted in BWV 9/7 ChS
In der autographen Partitur vollständiger Entwurf zu Satz 6 (NBA Suppl., Seite 176‒179, P. Wollny, 2011).
Link to videos:
Es ist das Heil uns kommen her, BWV 9 (J. S. Bach Stiftung St. Gallen)

Author Libretto
unknown author
Paul Speratus (1524), stanzas 1 and 12 literally preserved, stanzas 2–11 (sentence 2–6) reworked (author unknown)
Link to lyrics
Author Chorale
Speratus, Paul (1484-1551)

Original sources
[Kantate BWV 9: Es ist das Heil uns kommen her] Originalstimmensatz [Part(s)]
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Additional sources
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Verschollen Sing-Akademie BWV 9, Partitur [Score]

Wollny BJ 2015

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