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D-Eib A. A. 4 [= Basso continuo]

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Basso continuo
BWV 130
Catalogue raisonné:
BWV / Bach-Werke-VerzeichnisBWV 130 (1. Fassung) (= Continuo)
Link to works:
BWV 130.1

Meißner, Christian Gottlob (1707–1760)
Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685–1750)
Anon. IIg
Scribe (in detail):
C. G. Meißner, revisions: J. S. Bach;
Anon. IIg (only 1 F-clef)
Date (exact):
Aufführungsdatum 29.9.1724

Source Type:
Part(s), single manuscript (Original source)
relation to sources:
is part of [Kantate BWV 130: Originalstimmensatz]
relation from source:
has successor D-B N.Mus.ms. 474 [= Basso continuo (transp.), Fragment c]
has successor D-F Mus Hs 1537 [= Basso continuo (transp.), Fragment b]
has successor Verschollen BWV 130, Originalstimme (Basso continuo (transp.), Fragment a)
has successor Verschollen BWV 130, Originalstimmen (Dubletten)
has successor [Kantate BWV 130: Originalstimme Basso continuo (transp.)]
Extent, Dimensions (cm):
4 leaves, 35,5 x 21 cm
Period of origin:
first half of the 18th century (ca. 1720–1739)
J. S. Bach – ? – K. E. Henrici, Berlin (Kat. 1910) – Gilhofer & Ranschburg, Wien (Kat. 1913) – K. E. Henrici, Berlin (Kat. 1915) – Eisenach, Bachhaus und Bachmuseum
Description of watermark:
a) leer; b) Mondsichel mit Gesicht nach heraldisch rechts = Weiß Nr. 96
Link to watermark:
Master copy:
D-B 55 MS 209
Vorhandene Stimme: Basso continuo

Description in complete edition, Critical report:
I/30, S. 23ff.
BC, S. 759-761

Reproductions in the Bach-Archiv:
QK A II 130/6 (Xerox)
QK-Gö D-Eib A. A. 4 (Xerox)
Katalog Gilhofer & Ranschburg, Nr. 113 [nach 1913], S. 2, Nr. 14
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