Sonata, F (alternate version) Wq 163 (2); H 588 (2)

Chamber music
flauto basso, viola, basso contino

relation to other works:
is realization of Wq 163H 588(BWV Anh. 187)
relation from other works:
has alternate BR-CPEB B 47 (Variante b)
"This version of the trio makes adjustments to the score in order to accomodate a bass recorder with a compass of f - c'', necessitating changes in the recorder and viola parts as indicated in A 3 [= B-Bc 27896 MSM]." (CPEB:CW, II, 2/2, Critical Report p.173)

Die Fassung ist mit verschiedener Besetzung überliefert:
B-Bc 27896 MSM (autograph): Flauto basso, Viola, Bc
B-Bc 6365 MSM: Flauto basso [später ersetzt durch "Fagotto"], Viola, Bc
D-Bsa SA 3624: Bassono (Vc obl.), Viola, Bc
D-B Mus. ms. Bach P 367 und verschollene Stammhandschrift Breitkopf 1763: Flauto basso, Bassono, Bc (H 589 / BWV Anh. 187) [s. H 589]

Original sources
B-Bc 27896 MSM [Score]
Additional sources
D-B Bach P 367 [Score]
B-Bc 6365 MSM [Part(s)]
D-Bsa SA 3624 [Part(s)]


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