Sonata, G Wq 65.22; H 56 GND

Work for keyboard instruments with or without pedal keyboard

relation to other works:
is part of Wq 65

Original sources
D-B Bach P 776 [Konvolut] [Score]
D-B Bach P 776, Faszikel 2 [Score]
Additional sources
D-B 30385 [Score]
D-B Bach P 365 [Konvolut] [Score]
D-B Bach P 365, Faszikel 1 [Score]
D-B Bach P 368 [Score]
D-B Bach P 673 [Score]
D-B Bach P 776, Faszikel 1 [Score]
D-Hs ND VI 3191 [Konvolut] [Score]
D-Hs ND VI 3191, Faszikel 2 [Score]
D-KIl Mb 53, Faszikel 6 [Score]
D-LEb Kulukundis I.3-7 (Depositum im Bach-Archiv) [Score]
GB-Cu MS. Add.9046 [Score]


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