St. John passion [fourth version] BWV 245; BC D 2d

Passion (Good Friday)

S solo, A solo, T solo, B solo, S, A, T, B, Flauto traverso I, Flauto traverso II, Oboe I, Oboe II, Oboe d'amore I, Oboe d'amore II, Oboe da caccia, Bassono, Violino I, Violino II, Viola, Viola da gamba, Cembalo oblitato, Basso continuo (Bassono grosso, Violoncello, Violone, Cembalo, Organo)
Early performances
relation from other works:
is adapted in BWV 245/Choralsätze ChS
The movements 12c and 33 contain passages of St Matthew (Mt 26,75 and Mt 27,51).
mvt. 9, 19 and 20: different libretto [not mvt. 39] (NBA II/4, p. 259-261).

Further differences from the NBS version: s. H.-J. Schulze, in: Bachakademie Stuttgart, Bd. 5, p. 112ff.
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NBA II/4, S. (Arthur Mendel, 1973) – Critical report (1974), S. 22
Original sources
D-B Bach P 28
D-B Bach St 111, Faszikel 4
Additional sources
A-Wgm P III 66981
CH-Bab S8; 169 (Ms. 11579)
CH-Bab S9; 182 (Ms. 11582)
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D-B Kb 71 [Erstdruck (Klavierauszug)]
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D-Zsch 2382-D1/A4 [Erstdruck]
Verschollen Sing-Akademie BWV 245, Partitur
Verschollen Thomasschule zu Leipzig, BWV 245
Verschollen BWV 245/40
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