Geschwinde, geschwinde, ihr wirbelnden Winde BWV 201; BC G 46 GND

Various occasions
Other catalogues
NV 1790, S. 71 [1]
Secular cantata
Soli: S (Momus), A (Mercurius), T I (Tmolus), T II (Midas), B I (Phoebus), B II (Pan), Trumpet I, Trumpet II, Trumpet III, Timpani, Traverse flute I, Traverse flute II, Oboe I, Oboe II, Oboe d'amore, Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Basso continuo

Date of origin, Work history
Herbst 1729
Date of composition Fall 1729 (handwriting styles and watermark of the autograph score); subsequent performance around 1736–1740 (autograph handwriting styles parts) as well as 1749 (copy of text). Movement 7 is reused in BWV 212/20. In the autograph score, there is a draft for a discarded opening chorus for BWV 149 (NBA Suppl., page 166, P. Wollny, 2011)
Introduction to the work
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Geschwinde, geschwinde, ihr wirbelnden Winde, BWV 201 (Amsterdam Baroque, T. Koopman)
Geschwinde, geschwinde, ihr wirbelnden Winde, BWV 201 (Stiftsbarock Stuttgart, K. Johannsen)

C. F. Henrici. Text print: Picander 1732, page 501; undated single print (Der Streit | Zwischen | PHOEBUS und PAN | in einem | DRAMATE | aufgeführt | Von | J. S. Bach. [The Dispute | Between | PHOEBUS and PAN | in a | DRAMA | performed | By | J. S. Bach.]), likely before 1732 (Schabalina BJ 2008). Text copy by Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach and Johann Christian Bach with autograph entries (at D-B: P 175). Title page: Drama | per la Musica. | betittult | Der Streit | zwischen | Phoebus und Pan. | Personen | […] | 1749 [Drama | for Music. | titled | The Dispute | between | Phoebus and Pan. | Characters | […] | 1749]
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Original lyrics
RUS-SPsc [Textdruck]

Original sources
D-B Bach P 175 [Score, Sketch]
D-B Bach St 33a [Part(s)]
Additional sources
B-Bc 14970 [vocal score / piano reduction]
D-B Bach P 1189 [Score and part(s)]
D-B Bach P 176 [Score]
D-B Bach P 194 [Score]
D-B Bach St 33b [Part(s)]
D-EIb B. B. 13 [Score]
RUS-SPsc [Textdruck] [Libretto]
Verschollen BWV 201, E. Prieger [Score]
Verschollen BWV 201, J. Traeg [Score]


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