Ach Gott, wie manches Herzeleid (dialogus) [later version] BWV 58.2; BWV 58; BC A 26b GND

Second Sunday of Christmas, Choral Cantatas copmposed at a later stage
Sacred cantata
Psalm: Psalm 62
Epistel: 1. Petrus 4, 12-19
Epistel: 1. Petrus 3, 20-22
Gospel: Matthäus 2, 13-23
Gospel: Matthäus 3, 13-17
Sopran solo (Seele), Bass solo (Jesus), Oboe I, Oboe II, Taille, Violine solo, Violine I, Violine II, Viola, Basso continuo

Date of origin, Work history
vor dem 3. Januar 1734
First performance on January 4, 1733 or January 3, 1734 (as evidenced by watermark, scribe characteristics of Anna Magdalena Bach) as a reworking of BWV 58.1 with additional oboe/taille parts in movement 1 and 5, as well as a new version of movement 3
relation to other works:
is revision of BWV 58.1 / BC A 26a
is part of BWV diverse [Jg. 2b]
Introduction to the work
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Ach Gott, wie manches Herzeleid, BWV 58.2 (J. S. Bach-Stiftung St. Gallen )

Author Libretto
Birkmann, Christoph (1703-1771)
C. Birkmann. Movement 1 uses Ach Gott, wie manches Herzeleid (M. Moller, 1587), stanza 1. Movement 5 uses Herr/O Jesu Christ, meins Lebens Licht (anonymous, 1608; presumably M. Behm, 1610), stanza 2. Printed text: Birkmann 1728, page 17
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Author Chorale
Behm, Martin (1557-1622)
Moller, Martin (1547–1606)

Original sources
D-B Bach P 866 [Score, Sketch]
D-B Bach St 389 [Part(s)]
D-LEb Thomana 58 (Depositum im Bach-Archiv) [Part(s)]
Additional sources
D-B Bach P 440, Faszikel 1 [Score]
D-HAmi Ms. 146 [Score]
D-LEb Rara II, 661/1-D [Score]
PL-Wu RM 5930 [Score]
US-BER Kenney 532 [Part(s)]


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