Ich hatte viel Bekümmernis [Weimar version] BWV 21.1; BWV 21; BC A 99aGND

Without Designation/For all times (in ogni tempore), Weimar Cantatas
Other catalogues
NV 1790, S. 70 [6]
Sacred cantata
S*, A*, T*, B*, S, A, T, B; 3 Tr, Timp, Ob, 2 Vl, Va, Bc

Date of origin, Work history
vor Dezember 1713
Weimar version (C minor, choir resp. chamber pitch)
Early performances
, Weimar (Link to event)
relation to other works:
is part of BWV diverse [W. Kant.]
relation from other works:
has revision BWV 21.2
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Ich hatte viel Bekümmernis, BWV 21.1 (Netherlands Bach Society)

Author Libretto
Franck, Salomon (1695-1725) ?
probably (at least partly) by Salomon Franck; mvt. 2: Psalm 94:19; mvt. 6: Psalm 42:12; mvt. 9: Psalm 116,7 and stanza 2 and 5 from 'Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten' by Georg Neumark (1641); mvt. 11: Revelations 5:12-13
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Author Chorale
Neumark, Georg (1621-1681)
Reference for Libretto
Reference for Libretto
Reference for Libretto
Reference for Libretto
Reference for Libretto

Original sources
D-B Mus.ms. Bach St 354 [Part(s)]


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