Erfreut euch, ihr Herzen BWV 66.3; BWV 66; BC A 56 GND

Monday of Easter Week, Cantata Cycle I (1723/1724)
Other catalogues
NV 1790, S. 76 [11]
Sacred cantata
Psalm: Psalm 62
Epistel: Apostelgeschichte 10, 34-41
Gospel: Lukas 24, 13-35
Alt solo (Furcht), Tenor solo (Hoffnung), Bass solo, Sopran, Alt, Tenor, Bass, Tromba (ad libitum), Oboe I, Oboe II, Bassono, Violine I, Violine II, Viola, Basso continuo

Date of origin, Work history
vor dem 26. März 1731
First performance on April 11, 1735? (as evidenced by the watermark on pages 1–8 of the autograph score); a new version of the score was made due to the expansion of Duet No. 1 into a 4-part choral movement (compare with movement 1 in the Easter Oratorio BWV 249.5) and revisions to the recitatives (compare with BWV 134.3)
Early performances
, Leipzig, St. Nicholas Church (Premiere) (Link to event)
, Leipzig, St. Thomas Church (Premiere) (Link to event)
relation to other works:
is revision of BWV 66.2 / BC A 56
is part of BWV diverse [Jg. 1]
relation from other works:
is adapted in BWV 66.3/6 ChS
Link to videos:
Erfreut euch, ihr Herzen, BWV 66.3 (J. S. Bach Stiftung St. Gallen)

Author Libretto
unknown author
Author unknown. Movements 1–5 reworked from movement 8 and 1–4 of BWV 66.1. Movement 6: Christ ist erstanden (medieval), stanza 3. Original text prints: Leipzig 1724 II, page [6], and Leipzig 1731 I, page [7]
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Original sources
D-B Bach P 73 [Score]
D-LEb Rara I, 7b [Textdruck] [Libretto]
Additional sources
D-B Bach P 1159/IX, Faszikel 6 [Score]
D-B Bach P 447, Faszikel 2 [Score]
PL-WRu 60003 Muz. [Score]
Verschollen BWV 66/4-6, F. Hauser [Score]
Verschollen Sing-Akademie BWV 66, Stimmen [Part(s)]

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