Dritte Kantate zur Mühlhäuser Ratswahl BWV 1138

Council Election, Weimar Cantatas
Sacred cantata
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Date of origin, Work history
Anfang 1710
First performance in early February 1710 on the occasion of the council election in Mühlhausen at St. Marien Church; subsequent performance at Divi Blasii Church. Bach’s authorship is suggested by an entry in the Mühlhausen Chamber Registry of 1710: d. 20. Febr Herrn Baach wegen des Rathsstükkes 9 [rthl] 3 [fl] [on February 20, Mr. Baach for the council piece 9 [Reichsthaler] 3 [Florin]] (Dok. II Nr. 43); it is unlikely that this refers to Bach’s successor, Johann Friedrich Bach, who has not been verified as a composer to date, as foreign composers were also requested for the “council piece” in the subsequent years
relation to other works:
is part of BWV diverse [W. Kant.]

Unknown; author unknown. The first print made at the council's expense is missing, as indicated by Stadtarchiv Mühlhausen, Camerey-Register 1710: Carmen zum Rathsstükke zu drükken 1 [rthl] 4 [gr] [Carmen to be printed for the council piece 1 [rthl] 4 [gr]] (Dok. II Nr. 43)

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Es sind keine handschriftlichen Quellen überliefert. [unknown]

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