6 Sonatas and Partitas / Sei Solo à Violino senza Basso accompagnato BWV 1001‑1006 GND

Chamber music
Violin solo

Date of origin, Work history
1720 (probably with extended lead time)
autograph fair copy maybe begun in Karlsbad in summer 1720 (singular watermark of the papermill Joachimsthal/Jáchymov near Karlsbad); the Autograph caption "Libro Primo" refers to the collection of the violoncello soli BWV 1007–1012 as a Libro Secondo or "Pars 2", see title page of the copy by Anna Magdalena Bach (D-B: P 268). Later adaptions of works and movements:
BWV 1001/2 → BWV 539/2 and BWV 1000
BWV 1003 → BWV 964
BWV 1005/1 → BWV 968
BWV 1006.1 → BWV 1006.2
BWV 1006.1/1 → BWV 29/1 and BWV 120.2/4
Regarding Bachs arrangement for keyboard Instrument, compare Agricola 1775: "[Bach] spielte sie selbst oft auf dem Clavichorde, und fügte von Harmonie so viel dazu bey, als er für nöthig befand"; see Dok. III Nr. 808.
relation from other works:
has as part BWV 1001
has as part BWV 1002
has as part BWV 1003
has as part BWV 1004
has as part BWV 1005
has as part BWV 1006.1

Original sources
D-B Mus.ms. Bach P 268 [Score]
D-B Mus.ms. Bach P 967 [Score]

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