Concerto, c BR‑CPEB C 24.2; Wq 5; H 407 GND

Concerto for solo instrument(s) and accompaniment
harpsichord solo, violin I, violin II, viola, basso continuo

relation to other works:
is revision of Wq 5 (Frühfassung) / H 407 (Frühfassung)

Additional sources
A-Sm MN 138 [Part(s)]
A-Sm MN 138, Faszikel 6 [Part(s)]
B-Bc 5871 MSM, Faszikel 34 [Part(s)]
B-Bc 5887 MSM, Faszikel 5 [Part(s)]
D-B Bach St 523 [Part(s)]
D-B Slg Thulemeier 10 [Part(s)]
D-DS Mus. ms. 970 [Part(s)]
US-BEm Ms. 727 A–E [Part(s)]


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