Serenade BWV 1159; BC G 25

Secular cantata
nicht überliefert

Date of origin, Work history
vor dem 07. Oktober 1739
First performance on October 7, 1739, in Leipzig for the birthday of the Saxon Elector Friedrich August II (King August III of Poland): Auf Sr. Königl. Maj. unsers allergnädigsten Lands-Herrns, hohes Geburts-Fest soll heute Abends um 8. Uhr vom Collegio Musico im Zimmermannischen Caffee-Hause eine solenne Serenade aufgeführt werden | A solemn serenade is to be performed this evening at 8 o’clock by the Collegio Musico at Zimmermann’s Coffee House, in honor of His Royal Majesty, our most gracious Sovereign, on his high birthday celebration. (Leipzig newspapers, October 7, 1739; see Dok. II Nr. 459). The setting by Bach is likely, as he had only a few days earlier, on October 2, 1739, resumed the direction of the Collegium Musicum after a two-year break (see Dok. II Nr. 455 and Nr. 457)
Early performances
, Leipzig, Kaffeehaus Gottfried Zimmermanns (Collegium Musicum) (Premiere) (Link to event)
The libretto of an unknown author and the music are lost; performance mentiones in Leipzig newspapers (s. Dok. II, no. 459).

Text unbekannt; Dichter unbekannt; Text unknown; author unknown

Additional sources
Es sind keine handschriftlichen Quellen überliefert. [unknown]

Neumann BJ 1960, S. 19

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