Passion pasticcio St. Mark (1st Leipzig version 1726) BNB I/K/1 (Leipziger Fassung); BWV deest; BC D 5b

Passion (Good Friday)

S, A, T, B, violin I, violin II, viola I, viola II, organ
Early performances
relation from other works:
has as part BWV 500a
has as part BWV 1084 / 438->
has as part BWV deest (NBA Serie II:4)
St Mark Passion (the 1at Leipzig version) with the chorales "So gehst du nun" (BWV 500a, BC D 5b/5), "O hilf Christe" (BWV 1084 / 438‑>, BC D 5b/6) and "O Traurigkeit, o Herzeleid" (s. BWV deest, Serie II: 3);
in the 2nd Leipzig version (s. BWV deest, Serie II: 5) Bach also used movements of Handel's Brockes-Passion.

earlier the St. Mark passion was attributed to Reinhard Keiser, but probably it was written by Gottfried Keiser; J. S. Bach performed it in different versions; compare 2 further versions, which are independent from Bach's version (D-Gs Cod. Ms. phil. 84e: Keiser 1 and D-B Mus. ms. 11471);
Lit.: D. R. Melamed/R. Sanders, in: BJ 1999, p. 35ff.; J. W. Grubbs, in: BJ 1965, p. 33ff.; A. Glöckner, in: BJ 1977, p. 76ff.
NBA II/9, -- (Kirsten Beißwenger, 2000) – Critical report (2000), S. 81ff.
Original sources
D-B 11471/1
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