Ihr wallenden Wolken BWV 1150; BWV Anh. I 197; BWV Anh. 197 / Anh. I 19‑>; BC [G 52]

[B*, Fl trav I/II, Vl I/II, Va, Vc, Cemb obl, Bc]

Date of origin, Work history
First performance in 1721 or 1722?; as a tribute music in honor of the princely house of Anhalt-Köthen; due to the instrumentation with obligato harpsichord probably after acquiring the new harpsichord from M. Mietke in Berlin (after March 1, 1719, as indicated by Dok. II Nr. 95, see BWV 203); due to a solo bass arrangement, perhaps also on January 1, 1718 with J. G. Riemschneider, see BWV 1147. Regarding the datable Köthen New Year’s cantatas, see BWV 134.1 (1719), BWV 1151 (1720), BWV 1152 (1723). Earliest evidence found in Forkel’s catalog 1819, page 137, No. 94: New Year’s Cantata. Ihr wallen den Wolken etc. Score; most recently in Griepenkerl’s catalog No. 24:[ Neujahrs Cantate. Ihr wallen den Wolken etc.
P[artitur]; zuletzt in Kat. Griepenkerl Nr. 24: Neujahrs Kantate. An Sr. Hochfürstl. Durchl. zu Anhalt-
Köthen etc. a Voce sola (di Basso) II Trav. II Violini, Viola, Violoncello, Cembalo obligato e Continuo di
J. S. Bach. Diese sehr schöne Abschrift habe ich aus Forkels Auction für 1 r. 6 ggl. erstanden; sie scheint
von Forkels eigner Hand zu sein […] [New Year’s Cantata. To His Highness of Anhalt-Köthen etc. a Voce sola (di Basso) II Flauto traverso, II Violins, Viola, Violoncello, obligato harpsichord and Continuo by J. S. Bach. I acquired this very beautiful copy from Forkel's auction for 1 Reichstaler 6 Groschen; it seems to be in Forkel’s own handwriting [...]]. (Wollny BJ 2020)

Dichter unbekannt; Author unknown

Additional sources
Es sind keine handschriftlichen Quellen überliefert. [unknown]
Verschollen BWV Anh. 197 / Anh. I 19‑>, J. N. Forkel [Score]
Verschollen BWV Anh. 197 / Anh. I 19‑> (Anh. 8 ?), Kaiserin Augusta-Gymnasium (Berlin) [Part(s)]
Verschollen BWV Anh. 197 / Anh. I 19‑> (Anh. 8 ?) [Arrangement], Kaiserin Augusta-Gymnasium (Berlin) [Part(s)]

P. Wollny, in: BJ 2020, S. 82-85

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