Latin ode BWV 1155; BWV Anh. 20; BWV Anh. I 20; BC [G 33]

For the University
Secular cantata
nicht überliefert

Date of origin, Work history
vor dem 09. August 1723
First performance on August 9, 1723, on the occasion of the academic ceremony (Quarterly Oration?, as indicated by Dok. I Nr. 12) in the “Auditorio Philosophico” of the Grand Ducal College Building at the University of Leipzig. This was part of the public baccalaureate speech by G. Grosch (De Meritis Serenissimi FRIDERICI in rem litterariam & veram pietatem). The event was dedicated to the birthday of Duke Friedrich II of Sachsen-Gotha-Altenburg the previous day and took place, among others, in the presence of Rector Magnificus J. B. Mencke. Es
wurde dieser Actus mit einer vortreflichen Music, welche Herr Joh. Sebastian Bach, Chori Musici Director
& Scholæ Thoman. Cantor, über besondere zu solchem Ende gedruckte Lateinische Oden componiret,
begleitet […] | The ceremony was accompanied by excellent music, specially composed by Johann Sebastian Bach, Director of Chori Musici and Cantor of the St. Thomas School, based on specially printed Latin odes [...] (Leipziger Post-Zeitungen, August 11, 1723; text also appears in the Hamburger Relationscourir, as indicated by Dok. II Nr. 156). Musica tam excellens fuit, et occasioni tam praeclare accomodata a summo artifice,
Bachio, huius vrbis Cantore, vt omnes eam admirantur […] |The music was so excellent and so wonderfully adapted to the occasion by the master artist, Bach, the cantor of this city, that everyone admired it [...] (Koch BJ 2004, page 217; as indicated by Dok. V Nr. 156a, with German translation)
Early performances
, Leipzig (Premiere) (Link to event)
Libretto and music are lost; contemporary newspapers mentioned the performance: "(...) Es wurde dieser Actus mit der vortrefflichen Music, welche Hr. Joh. Sebastian Bach Chori Musici Director und Scholae Thom: Cantor über besondere solchem Ende gedruckte Lateinische Oden componiret; begleitet, so daß sich diese solemnität zu jedermanns Vergnügen vormittage gegen 11 Uhr glücklich geendiget."

Text unknown; author unknown

Additional sources
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Koch BJ 2004, S. 215

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