Wünschet Jerusalem Glück BWV 1139.2; BWV Anh. 4a [1998]; BWV Anh. 4; BC [B 29]

Sacred cantata (200th Anniversary of the Augsburg Confession)

nicht überliefert
Date of origin
vor dem 27. Juni 1730
Early performances
, Leipzig, St. Nicholas Church (Premiere)
The music is lost; persumably the first movement and both arias were borrowed from BWV Anh. 4 (cantata on the occasion of the inauguration of the new city council). Lit.: T. Schabalina, in: BJ 2008 (printed libretto).
C. F. Henrici (referred to as Picander), "Ernst-Schertzhaffte und Satyrische Gedichte. Dritter Theil.", Leipzig 1732
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