Concerto for 4 Harpsichords in a BWV 1065 GND

Concerts for two to four cembali
Concerto for solo instrument(s) and accompaniment
harpsichord concertato I, harpsichord concertato II, harpsichord concertato III, harpsichord concertato IV, violin I, violin I, viola, basso continuo

Date of origin, Work history
unknown (around 1730?)
based on the concerto for 4 violins, 2 violas, violoncello and basso continuo in b minor, "L’estro armonico" op. 3/10 (RV 580) by Antonio Vivaldi, published 1711 in print (Bach's version corresponds with Vivaldi's concerto, except for the 3rd movement, wherein bar 26 is omitted).

Original sources
D-B Am.B 69 [Score]
Verschollen Originalstimmen BWV 1065, [C. P. E. Bach] C. F. G. Schwencke [Score and part(s)]
D-B Bach St 378 [Part(s)]
Additional sources
D-Bhm H 812, Faszikel 2 [Score]
D-B Bach P 244 [Score]
D-B Bach P 247, Faszikel 1 [Score]
D-B Bach P 248 [Score]
D-B Bach P 1203 [Score]
Verschollen BWV 1061, 1063, 1065, C. S. Gähler [Score]
Verschollen BWV 1063, 1065, 1064, J. G. Schicht [Score]
Verschollen BWV 1065, H. G. Nägeli [Score]
Verschollen BWV 1065, J. M. v. Radowitz [Score]
Verschollen BWV 1065, C. v. Winterfeld [Score]
D-Bhm H 812, Faszikel 1 [Score and part(s)]
D-B 22396/5 [Score and part(s)]
D-Bhm H 804, Faszikel 3 [Part(s)]
D-Bhm (o. Sign.) BWV 1064, 1063, 1065 [Part(s)]
D-B Bach St 418 [Part(s)]
D-B Bach St 419 [Part(s)]
D-SAHr (o. Sign.) BWV 1065 [Part(s)]
Verschollen BWV 1065 (?) [Arrangement], Kaiserin Augusta-Gymnasium (Berlin) [Part(s)]


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