Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685–1750)

Concerto, a BWV 1044

Concerto for solo instrument(s) and accompaniment

traverse flute concertato, violino concertato, harpsichord concertato, violin I, violin II, viola, basso continuo
relation to other works:
is adaptation of BWV 894
is adaptation of BWV 527
All three movements are based on earlier compositions;
mvt. 1 and 3: BWV 894 (Prelude and fugue a minor for keyboard solo);
mvt. 2: BWV 527/2 (Trio d minor for organ, mvt. 2).
NBA VII/3, S. 105 (Dietrich Kilian, 1986) – Critical report (1989), S. 43
D-Bhm H 733
D-Bhm H 734
D-B Bach P 249
D-B Bach St 134
D-B Bach St 351
D-B Bach St 410
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