Sonata, D BWV 1028

Chamber music

viola da gamba, harpsichord
Work history
EZ probably Leipzig period; früheste Quelle nach 1750
In some sources the setting is violin instead of viola da gamba; probably this version (violin part transposed an octave higher) was not written by Bach.
NBA VI/4, S. 21 (Hans Eppstein, 1984) – Critical report (1989), S. 17
D-B Bach P 472, Faszikel 2
D-B Bach P 532
D-B Bach P 1057, Faszikel 1
D-B Bach P 1057, Faszikel 2
D-B Bach St 336
D-B Bach St 438
D-B Bach St 439
F-Pn MS-10450
Verschollen BWV 1028 [?] (oder 1027, 1029), S. W. Dehn
Verschollen BWV 1028, J. N. Forkel
Verschollen BWV 1028, F. Hauser
Verschollen BWV 1028, C. F. G Schwencke
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