Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685–1750)

Suite, A BWV 1025; BNB I/An/14

Chamber music

violin, harpsichord
two versions;
Based on the Suite for Lute A major by Silvius Leopold Weiss, a copy of which is found in the Landesbibliothek Dresden (D Dl Mus. 2841 - V - 1). Probably it was arranged by J. S. Bach (= BWV 1025).
Lit.: Chr. Wolff, in: BJ 1993, p. 47ff.; K.-E. Schröder, in: BJ 1995, p. 47ff.
NBA VI/5, S. 67 (Klaus Hofmann, 2006) – Critical report (2006), S. 68
D-B Bach P 226, Faszikel 8 [Original source]
D-B Bach St 442
D-B Bach St 443
D-B Bach St 444
D-B Bach St 462
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