Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685–1750)

Fugue, g (arr. of BWV 1001/2) BWV 1000

Work for lute instruments

About two bars longer arrangement of the fugue BWV 1001/2 for violin solo (compare BWV 539); the copy D LEm III 11.4, Faszikel 1 is the only early source of the version for lute (both further versions depend on it).
Perhaps the extant version for lute was not written by Bach but by Weyrauch.
NBA V/10, S. 124 (Thomas Kohlhase, 1976) – Critical report (1982), S. 157
D-LEm Becker III.11.4, Faszikel 1
D-LEm Becker III.11.4, Faszikel 2
D-LEm Poel. mus. Ms. 30, Faszikel 2
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