Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685–1750)

Suite (Partita), c BWV 997

Work for lute instruments

different setting instructions:
Lute in D LEm III 11.5, "Clavicembalo" in other sources (s. KB V/10, p. 141-146); as the Double cannot be played on a lute (because of the range) it might have been intended to be played on a lutepiano.
about setting: BWV 997/5 (Double) could have been written for a "Lautenclavizymbel" or "Lautenwerk" (s. J. Adlung: "Musica mechanica organoedi", II, p. 139, appendix by J. F. Agricola, 1768). The experiments with this instruments were widely acclaimed in Leipzig during Bach's times.
NBA V/10, S. 102 (Thomas Kohlhase, 1976) – Critical report (1982), S. 124
D-B Am.B 549-550, Faszikel 2
D-Bhm 6138/18
D-B 30194, Faszikel 26
D-B 30196 [Konvolut]
D-B 30196, Faszikel 15
D-B Bach P 218, Faszikel 3
D-B Bach P 286 [Konvolut]
D-B Bach P 286, Faszikel 8
D-B Bach P 308, Faszikel 6
D-B Bach P 413
D-B Bach P 513
D-B Bach P 552
D-B Bach P 650
D-B Bach St 334
D-DS Mus. ms. 1322, Faszikel 1
DK-Kk mu 9412.0781 Weyses Samling (C I, 105)
D-LEb Go. S. 80, Faszikel 2
D-LEb Peters Ms. 2a (Depositum im Bach-Archiv)
D-LEm Becker III.11.5
PL-ŁŹu M 34998, 2
Privatbesitz T. Koopman (NL), BWV 997
Privatbesitz Wensiecki (D-Stuttgart), BWV 997
US-NHub Music Deposit 88
Verschollen BWV 997, H. G. Nägeli
Verschollen BWV 997 (1), E. Prieger
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