Overture in the French style, c (first version) BWV 831.1; BWV 831a

Work for keyboard instruments with or without pedal keyboard

Work history
EZ frühe 1730er Jahre; früheste Quelle um 1733; für Druck transponiert u. vereinzelt rev. → BWV 831.2.
relation from other works:
has revision BWV 831.2
NBA V/2, S. 43 (Walter Emery (und Christoph Wolff), 1981) – Critical report (1981), S. 82
Original sources
D-B Mus.ms. Bach P 226, Faszikel 9
Additional sources
D-LEb Peters Ms. 8 [Konvolut] (Depositum im Bach-Archiv)
D-LEb Peters Ms. 8, Faszikel 15 (Depositum im Bach-Archiv)
Verschollen BWV 813 [oder 831a?], C. P. E. Bach
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