St Mark Passion BWV 247; BC D 4 GND

Passions, Good Friday
Psalm: Psalm 22
Epistel: Jesaja 53
Gospel: Johannes 18-19
S solo, A solo, T solo, B solo, S, A, T, B, Traverse flute I, Traverse flute II, Oboe I, Oboe II, Oboe d'amore I, Oboe d'amore II, Violin I, Violin II, Viola I, Viola II, Viola da gamba I(?), Viola da gamba II(?), Lute I(?), Lute II(?), Organ, Basso continuo

Date of origin, Work history
vor März 1731
The music is lost but may partly be reconstructed:
mvt. 1 = BWV 198/1; mvt. 27 = BWV 198/5; mvt. 49 = BWV 198/3; mvt. 53 = BWV 54/1; mvt. 59 = BWV 198/8; mvt. 61 = BWV 248/28?; mvt. 114 = BWV 248/45; mvt. 126 = BWV 7/2?; mvt. 132 = BWV 198/10 or 244a/7.
Lit.: Theill Markuspassion
Early performances
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C. F. Henrici referred to as Picander
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RUS-SPsc [Textdruck] [Libretto]
Vernichtet BWV 247, Franz-Hauser-Archiv [Score]

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