Meine Seele soll Gott loben BWV 223; BC A 186; HWV Anh. B 207

Cantata (The Visitation of Mary [2 July])

S, A, T, B; Tr, Timp, Ob, Vl, Va, Bc
Date of origin
Anfang 18. Jahrhundert (Thüringen)
P. Spitta discovered two sources of this cantata in Langula near Mühlhausen. Both sources are lost. Lit.: Spitta I, p. 339f.
NBA I/34, -- (Ryuichi Higuchi, 1990) – Critical report (1990), S. 58
GB-Lbl R.M. 18. b. 13.
Verschollen BWV 223 (1), Kantoreiarchiv Langula
Verschollen BWV 223 (2), J. G. Sachs
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