Erwählte Pleißen-Stadt BWV 216.2; BWV 216a; BC [G 47] GND

Various occasions
Secular cantata
A* (Mercurius), T* (Apollo)

Date of origin, Work history
um 1728-1731
Date of composition around 1728–1731, reason unknown (tribute to Leipzig as a city of science and trade). No musical sources preserved; four movements from the original composition can be reconstructed:
Sequence of movements and parody relationships (according to the text copy by Christian Gottlob Meißner):
1. Aria à 2ᵗᵗᵒ: Erwehlte/Vergnügte Pleißen-Stadt (A, T), see BWV 216.1/1
2. [Recitative]: Ihr Städte die man in der Welt (T)
3. Aria: Angenehmes Pleiß Athen (T), see BWV 216.1/3
4. [Recitative]: Nicht die Gelehrsamkeit allein (A)
5. Aria: Mit Lachen und Scherzen (A), see BWV 216.1/5
6. [Recitative]: Drum ist gewiß (A, T)
7. Aria à 2ᵗᵗᵒ: Heil und Seegen (A, T), see BWV 216.1/7
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Erwählte Pleißen-Stadt, BWV 216.2, Rekonstruktion (Deutsche Hofmusik, A. Grychtolik)

Reworking of BWV 216.1, see textual transcript by C. G. Meißner with autographic entries (D-B: P 613). Heading: Apollo et Mercurius
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Original sources
D-B Bach P 613 [Libretto]
Additional sources
A-GÖ Mus. Ms. 4023 [Score, Libretto]


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