Mer hahn en neue Oberkeet - Cantate en burlesque (Peasant Cantata) BWV 212; BC G 32 GND

For members of the saxon nobility
Other catalogues
NV 1790, S. 71 [6]
Secular cantata
S* (Mieke), B*, Cor (da caccia), Fl trav, Vl I/II, Va, Bc

Date of origin, Work history
vor dem 30. August 1742
First performance on August 30, 1742, in Klein-Zschocher near Leipzig, on the occasion of the homage for the new estate and judicial lord, Carl Heinrich von Dieskau, who later became “Director of the Royal Chapel and Chamber Music” in Dresden. Movement 14 and 20 are based on BWV 1157/9 and BWV 201/7, respectively
Early performances
, Leipzig (Premiere) (Link to event)
Link to videos:
Mer hahn en neue Oberkeet - Cantate en burlesque (Bauernkantate), BWV 212 (J. S. Bachstiftung St. Gallen)

Christian Friedrich Henrici. Text print: Picander 1751, page 283
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Original sources
D-B Bach P 167 [Score]
Additional sources
D-B Am.B 28 [Score]
D-B Am.B 29 [Score]
D-Bhm H 1039 [Score]
D-B Bach P 168 [Score]
D-B Bach P 169 [Score]
D-B Bach P 665 [Score]
D-LEm Becker III.3.5 [Erstdruck] [Score]
D-LEm Becker III.3.6 [Druck] [Score]
Verschollen Sing-Akademie BWV 212, Partitur (neu) [Score]
D-B Bach St 107 [Part(s)]
D-Dl Mus. 2405-G-500 [Part(s)]


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