Was mir behagt, ist nur die muntre Jagd [3rd version] BWV 208.3; BWV 208a; BC [G 27]

Secular cantata (Saint's day)

unknown; probably: Solo: S I (Diana), S II (Pales), T (Endymion), B (Pan), [S I, S II, T, B,] Corno da caccia I, Corno da caccia II, Recorder I, Recorder II, Oboe I, Oboe II, Taille, Bassono, Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Violoncello, Basso continuo (+ Violone grosso)
Early performances
, Leipzig
The music of this 3rd version can only be found in BWV 208. Presumably the settings of BWV 208 and 208a correspond.
Text: slight reworking of the text by Franck (BWV 208.1) for the new purpose (author unknown)
Salomon Franck (1659–1725)
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NBA I/37, -- (Werner Neumann, 1961) – Critical report (1961), S. 91
Original sources
D-B Mus.ms. Bach P 42, Faszikel 3
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