Gott, man lobet dich in der Stille BWV 120.1; BWV 120; BC B 6

Sacred cantata (Council election)

S*, A*, T*, B*, S, A, T, B; 3 Tr, Timp, 2 Ob, 2 Ob d’am, Vl conc, 2 Vl, Va, Bc
Date of origin
1729 oder früher (nicht erhaltene Version)
relation to other works:
is exemplar of BWVBC F
Mainly parody of older works. Connections as follows:
mvt. 1 = BWV 120a/6 or 120b/1. mvt. 2 = BWV 120a/1 or 120b/2 or BWV 232 ("Et expecto resurrectionis"). mvt. 4 = BWV 120a/3 or 120b/4 or Sonata for violin BWV 1019a/3
author unknown; mvt. 1: Psalm 65:2; mvt. 6: ‘Te Deum’ (1529, German) by Martin Luther (1483–1546)
Link to lyrics
NBA I/32.2, S. 53 (Christine Fröde, 1994) – Critical report (1994), S. 69;
BG 24, S.249 (A. Dörffel, 1876)
Original sources
PL-Kj Bach P 871
Additional sources
D-B Bach P 193
D-HAmi Ms. 157
GB-Ob MS. M. Deneke Mendelssohn c. 61 [Konvolut]
GB-Ob MS. M. Deneke Mendelssohn c. 61, Faszikel 10
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