God's time is the very best time (Actus tragicus) BWV 106; BC B 18GND

Sacred cantata
Designation of a cantata
S*, A*, T*, B*, S, A, T, B; 2 Fl dolce, 2 Vdg, Bc

relation to other works:
is part of BWV diverse [M. Kant.]
The compilation of the text follows J. Olearius: "Christliche Bet-Schule (...)", Leipzig 1668.
Lit.: R. Steiger in: MuK 55 (1985), p. 231-34 and MuK 59 (1989), p. 11-23. New dating 16.9.1708 = burial of the mayor of Mühlhausen Adolph Strecker (Rathey, in: BJ 2006, p. 65ff.)

author unknown
Martin Luther (1483–1546)
Adam Reusner (1496-ca.1575)

The unknown author unites a few own words with following bible verses (Acts 17:28, Psalm 90:12, Isaiah 38:1, Jesus Sirach 14:18, Revelation 22:20 (in mvt. 2), Psalm 31:6, Luke 23:43 (in mvt. 3) and stanza 1 (in mvt. 3) from ‘Mit Fried und Freud fahr ich dahin’ by Martin Luther (1524) and stanza 7 from ‘In dich hab ich gehoffet, Herr’ by Adam Reusner (1533)
compilation of texts presumably by Bach
Die Bibeltext-Zusammenstellung folgt ziemlich genau J. Olearius: "Christliche Bet-Schule (...)", Leipzig 1668; Lit.: R. Steiger in: MuK 55 (1985), S. 231-34 und MuK 59 (1989), S. 11-23.
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