Du Hirte Israel, höre BWV 104; BC A 65 GND

Third Sunday of Easter/Misericordia Sunday, Cantata Cycle I (1723/1724)
Other catalogues
NV 1790, S. 77 [6]
Sacred cantata
Psalm: Psalm 23
Epistel: 1. Petrus, 2, 21-25
Gospel: Johannes 10, 12-16
T*, B*, S, A, T, B; 2 Ob, 2 Ob d’am, Taille, 2 Vl, Va, Bc

Date of origin, Work history
vor dem 23. April 1724
First performance on April 23, 1724
Early performances
, Leipzig, St. Nicholas Church (Premiere) (Link to event)
relation to other works:
is part of BWV diverse [1. Jg.]
relation from other works:
is adapted in BWV 104/6 ChS
is adapted in BWV 104/6 (Variante) ChS
Introduction to the work
Link to videos:
Du Hirte Israel, höre, BWV 104 (Netherlands Bach Society)

Author unknown. Movement 1: Psalm 80, 2. Movement 6: Der Herr ist mein getreuer Hirt, dem ich (C. Becker, 1598; based on Psalm 23), stanza 1. First print: Leipzig 1724 II, page [13]
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Original lyrics
RUS-SPsc [Textdruck]

Original sources
D-B Mus.ms. Bach St 17 [Part(s)]
Verschollen BWV 104, Originalstimmen [Part(s)]
RUS-SPsc [Textdruck] [Libretto]
Additional sources
Verschollen BWV 104 [?], H. G. Nägeli [unknown]
Verschollen BWV 104 (3), Breslauer Institut f. Schul- u. Kirchenmusik [unknown]
D-B Mus. 11486 (2) [Erstdruck] [Score]
Verschollen Sing-Akademie BWV 104 (1), Partitur [Score]
Verschollen Choralsammlung [Score]
Verschollen Sing-Akademie BWV 104 (2), Stimmen [Part(s)]


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