Angenehmes Wiederau BWV 30.1; BWV 30a; BC G 31 GND

For members of the saxon nobility
Secular cantata
Sopran solo (Zeit), Alt solo (Glück), Tenor solo (Elster), Bass solo (Schicksal), Sopran, Alt, Tenor, Bass, Tromba I, Tromba II, Tromba III, Timpani, Flaut traverso I, Flauto traverso II, Oboe I, Oboe II, Oboe d’amore, Violine I, Violine II, Viola, Basso continuo

Date of origin, Work history
vor dem 28. September 1737
First performance on September 28, 1737 in Wiederau near Leipzig, for the takeover of the manor by Johann Christian von Hennicke. Movement 11 traces back to the lost original version of BWV 210.1. Movements 1 and 5 were later reused with a spiritual text (see BWV 195.2)
Early performances
, Leipzig (Premiere) (Link to event)
relation from other works:
has revision BWV 30.2
In der autographen Partitur Entwurf zu Satz 9 (NBA Suppl., S. 228f., P. Wollny, 2011).
Introduction to the work
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Angenehmes Wiederau, BWV 30.1 (Café Zimmermann, G. Leonhardt)

Author Libretto
Henrici, Christian Friedrich, genannt Picander (1700–1764)
Christian Friedrich Henrici (Picander). Originaltextdruck: Leipzig 1737, S. [1]
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Original sources
D-B Bach P 43, Faszikel 1 [Score, Sketch]
D-B Bach St 31, Faszikel 2 [Part(s)]


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