London, The British Library

GB-Lbl I.278. [Druck]

Catalogue raisonné:
Ty / Terry-Verzeichnis
Warb G 10/20b, LG 4/2, H 28, H 12
Ty 230/8, 251/1, 254/5, 259/1
Works (not family of Bach):
Werke von Giordani, Rauzzini, Paesiello, Sacchini, Vento, Gluck, Perez, Piccini, D. Corri, Sarti, Dr. Arne, Barnard, Carey, Geminiani, Galuppi, Giardini, Dr. Boyce, Shield, M. Este, Monsigny, the Elector of Saxony, Dr. Arnold, T. Linley, C. Dibdin, M. Arne, W. Jackson, H. Purcell, Millico, Guglielmi, J. Hook, T. Smith, Carter, Des Aides, Mereau, Grétry, Rousseau, Hinner, Aprile, Oswald, Harington & L. Atterbury
Link to works:
Warb G 10; Warb LG 4; Warb H 28; Warb H 12

Date (exact):

Source Type:
Score, print
Extend, Dimensions (cm):
vol. 1: 120 pages, vol. 2: 80 pages, vol 3: 110 pages, 36 x 26
Period of origin:
second half of the 18th century (ca. 1760–1789)
? – London, The British Library

Collected Works of JCB 48:2, S. 398ff.; RISM B/II, S. 105-6
Domenico Corri's Treatises on Singing, ed. Richard Maunder, New York & London: Garland Publishing Inc., 1993

Reproductions in the Bach-Archiv:
QK E 44/3 (Xerox)
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