London, The British Library

GB-Lbl G.760. a [Druck]

Catalogue raisonné:
Ty / Terry-Verzeichnis
Warb G 29, LG 1
Ty 234/1, 346/8
Works (not family of Bach):
"Chiamo il mio ben così" (LG 1/6), "Gli sguardi trattieni" (LG 1/13), "Deh placatevi con me" (LG 1/28), "Che fiero momento" (LG 1/48), "Sposa! Euridice!" (LG 1/49), "Che farò senza Euridice?" (LG 1/50), "Trionfi Amore" (LG 1/53) von Christoph Willibald Gluck; "Contenta assai son' io", "Sotto un bel ciel sereno" von Pietro Alessandro Guglielmi, "Men tiranne ah, voi sareste" von Guadagni
Link to works:
Warb G 29; Warb LG 1

Date (exact):

Source Type:
Score, print
Extend, Dimensions (cm):
5, 84 pages, 32,5 x 25
Period of origin:
second half of the 18th century (ca. 1760–1789)
Title of source:
TS: The | FAVOURITE | SONGS | In the | OPERA | ORFEO. | LONDON. | Printed and Sold by R: BREMNER opposite Somerset | House in the STRAND.
? – London, The British Library

Collected Works of JCB 48:2, S. 410f.; RISM B/II, S. 177/2

Reproductions in the Bach-Archiv:
QK E 11/1 (Xerox)
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