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Verschollen BWV 988 (1), J. Hutton

Catalogue raisonné:
BWV / Bach-Werke-VerzeichnisBWV 988/Aria, Var.9+10
Link to works:
BWV 988

unknown scribe
Scribe (in detail):
"J. H.", möglicherweise James Hutton (1715-1795)
Date (exact):
vermutlich um 1749 (zwischen 1739 und 1756)

Source Type:
Score, single manuscript
Extend, Dimensions (cm):
2 leaves
Period of origin:
middle of the 18th century (ca. 1740–1759)
J. Hutton – ? – Antiquariat W. Reeves, London (nw. 1893)- ?
Master copy:
Vielleicht verschollenes Autograph?
Hutton soll öfter Deutschland bereist haben und in Leipzig von J. S. Bach selbst auch eine autographe Handschrift von 988 erhalten haben.
Auf Vorderseite folgende Mitteilungen enthält (nach dem AntiquariatKatalog 1893):
"An exact Copy of a Composition of the learned Professor of Music J. S. Bach, with which he presented me in his own writing in the year 1749 on my going from Vienna to Leipzig, professedly to hear his astonishing performance on the Organ. -- As a token of respect J. H. has for Mr. Glen, he begs his acceptance of this copy..... -- N.B. -- My long intimacy with the late Sir John Hawkims, induced me to give him a copy to insert in his History of Music."

Described in NBA, Critical report:
V/2, S. 105
Dok III/818, K (S. 311) [zitiert: W. Reeves, Antiquariatskat. 1893]; Die Quelle ist die Vorlage von: J. Hawkins, A General History of the Science and Practice of Music, London 1776, Volume V, Book III, Chapter 5, S. 256-258.

W. Reeves, Antiquariatskat. 1893: "Bach [J. S.] An Aria with 2 Var. for the Harpsichord or Organ, 3 pages. 10 s. 6 d."
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