New Haven, Connecticut, Yale University, Irving S. Gilmore Music Library

US-NH LM 5006 [Ma21.Y11.A37]

Catalogue raisonné:
BWV / Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis
Wq / Wotquenne-Verzeichnis
H / Helm-Verzeichnis
BR-JCFB / Bach-Repertorium Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach
BWV 906/1
Wq 117.2 (= 271), 116.6
H 220, 217
Engelhardt 42
Works (not family of Bach):
C. H. Graun: Fugetta in d (aus "L'Europa galante" GraunWV B:I:17/4b);
J. C. L. Kittel: Minuetto con [2] Variazioni in F, Allegro in A, Allegretto in C;
J. C. Gimpel: Fuge à 3 in A,
"Schulze": 2 Fugen à 3 in C und G;
Fischer: 2 Konons in d und G;
G. F. Händel: Fuge in h (HWV deest);
J. P. Kirnberger: Allegro in e (Engelhardt 42);
J. P. Kellner (hier J. C. F. Bach zugewiesen): Fuge in c (BR-JCFB YA 2, BR-WFB YA 148)
Link to works:
BWV 906; BR-CPEB A 262; BR-CPEB A 269

Rinck, Johann Christian Heinrich (1770–1846)
Scribe (in detail):
probably J. C. H. Rinck (or Rinck-pupil?)
Date (exact):
2. Hälfte 18. Jh.

Source Type:
Score, collective manuscript
Extent, Dimensions (cm):
16 leaves, 35 x 21 cm
Period of origin:
second half of the 18th century (ca. 1760–1789)
Title of source:
KT: [f. 1r (BWV 906/1):] Piece pour le Claves Composee par J.S. Bach
J. C. H. Rinck – L. Mason (1852) – New Haven, CT, Yale University, The Library of the School of Music (1873)
Description of watermark:
Harfe mit
Master copy:
verschollene Zwischenquelle [beta] zu D-Dl Mus. 2405-T-52 (= Autograph A2), s. Stemma KB V/9.2, S. 222

Also mentioned in:
V/9.2, S. 203
H. C. Fall, A critical-bibliographical study of the Rinck collection. New Haven, 1958 (masch.)

Reproductions in the Bach-Archiv:
QK-Gö US-NH LM 5006 (Xerox)
MF-Gö US-NH LM 5006 (Film)
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