Durham, Cathedral Library

GB-DRc MS E24, Faszikel 11

Catalogue raisonné:
BWV / Bach-Werke-VerzeichnisBWV 911, 913, 905 / Anh. II 87-> (T. 1-15), 914/4+1
Works (not family of Bach):
G. F. Händel: Fuge in F, HWV 611 (nur 18 1/2 Takte), Concerto grosso in g, HWV 324 (Fragment); u. a.
Link to works:
BWV 911; BWV 913.2; BWV App B 82; BWV 914

Fawcett, Richard (1714–1782)
Date (exact):
1. Hälfte 18. Jh.

Source Type:
Score, collective manuscript
Extent, Dimensions (cm):
24 leaves, 24,5 x 30,5
Period of origin:
first half of the 18th century (ca. 1720–1739)
R. Fawcett – Durham, Cathedral Library
Description of watermark:
Lilienschild, darunter IV (vgl. W. A. Churchill Nr. 437)
Master copy:
verschollene Zwischenquelle (aus Mitteldeutschland?), s. KB V/9.1, S. 94f.
Collective manuscript or convolute (?) compiled by R. Fawcett; title: "MSS. | Lessons for the Harpsichord"; concerning a possible model and the transmission of the manuscript, see Wollny, KB V/9.1, p. 40:
potentially the son of the organist J. Christoph Bach (Eisenach) played a role in the transmission; he was in England in 1732 (see C. Oefner: "Neues zur Biographie von Johann Christoph Bach (geb. 1676)", in: DJMw 14 (1969), S. 121-23.)

Description in complete edition, Critical report:
V/9.1, S. 40, 76, 88
Also mentioned in:
V/12, S. 52
B. Cooper: in: Musical Times 113 (1972), S. 1167ff.; B. Crosby: Catalogue of Durham Cathedral Music Manuscripts, Oxford 1986, S. 69f.; Hill Moe, S. 435f.

Reproductions in the Bach-Archiv:
QK A VIII 43/1 (Xerox)
GB-DRc MS E24, Faszikel 11/1 (Xerox)
GB-DRc MS E24, Faszikel 11/2 (Xerox)
GB-DRc MS E24, Faszikel 11/3 (Xerox)
MF Ia, 19:32 (Film)
MF-Gö GB-DRc MS E24 (Film)
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