Croydon, Royal School of Church Music Library

GB-CRO (o. Sign.) BWV 877/2, 887/2, 891/2

Catalogue raisonné:
BWV / Bach-Werke-VerzeichnisBWV 877/2 (in d), 887/2 (in g), 891/2 (in h)
Link to works:
BWV 877; BWV 887; BWV 891

unknown scribe
Date (exact):
1840er Jahre

Source Type:
Score, collective manuscript
Period of origin:
middle of the 19th century (ca. 1840–1859)
? – Croydon (London), Royal School of Church Music Library
Description of watermark:
SMITH & ALLNUTT und "1839"
Master copy:
S. Wesley-Abschrift der transponierten Fugen

Description in complete edition, Critical report:

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