Strasbourg, Bibliothèque Nationale et Universitaire (National and university library)

F-Sn MS 2.961

Catalogue raisonné:
BWV / Bach-Werke-VerzeichnisBWV 582
Link to works:
BWV 582

unknown scribe
Date (exact):
Anfang des 19. Jahrhunderts

Source Type:
Score, single manuscript
Extent, Dimensions (cm):
6 leaves, 33,5 x 20,5 cm
Period of origin:
beginning of the 19th century (ca. 1800–1819)
Title of source:
TS: (Titelblatt:) Passacaglia | in C minore | per | l'Organo | con Pedale, | dal | Giov. Seb. Bach (+ Nachträge]; KT: PassacagLJA [sic], C minore, da G. S. BACH | con Pedale.
? – O. Schmit – Strasbourg, Bibliothèque Nationale et Universitaire (1871)

Description in complete edition, Critical report:
Alsace. Catalogue des manuscrits musicaux anciens, Strasbourg 1996, S. 16, Nr. 108

Reproductions in the Bach-Archiv:
QK A VII 19/14 (Xerox)
MF-Fg-II A 146 (Film)
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