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D-B Bach P 804, Faszikel 9

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Prelude and Fugue in A minor (BWV 895)
Catalogue raisonné:
BWV / Bach-Werke-VerzeichnisBWV 895
Link to works:
BWV 895

unknown scribe
Kellner, Johann Peter (1705–1772)
Scribe (in detail):
scribe 5 (Stinson) = Anon D-B 130 = Johann Baumbach?
Date (exact):
1726/1727 (Stinson); 1740 (Kobayashi)

Source Type:
Score, single manuscript within composite manuscript
relation to sources:
is part of D-B Bach P 804 [Konvolut]
Extend, Dimensions (cm):
2 leaves, 33 x 20,5
Period of origin:
first half of the 18th century (ca. 1720–1739)
J. P. Kellner – ? – F. A. Roitzsch – M. Abraham – Königliche Bibliothek zu Berlin (1889), jetzt Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Musikabteilung
Description of watermark:
Monogramm CBS auf bekröntem Schild (ohne Gegenzeichen)
Master copy:
?, s. KB V/9.2, S. 104
owner's mark: J. P. Kellner; dating by Kobayashi (in FS Dürr 1983, S. 173): 1740;
Accession number: 1889.433; combination of the fascicles after the death of J. P. Kellner, thus after 1772.

Described in NBA, Critical report:
VI/1, S. 16-20; V/5, S. 24-35
Also mentioned in NBA, Critical report:
V/10, S. 31; V/11, S. 134; IV/5-6, S. 83f., V/9.2, S. 102
R. Stinson, in: BJ 1992, S. 45-64

Reproductions in the Bach-Archiv:
QK A VIII 12/2 (Xerox)
QK-Gö D-B P 804/I (Xerox)
MF-Gö D-B P 804, Faszikel 1–16 (Xerox)
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