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D-B 9172/1-3

Catalogue raisonné:
GWV / Graupner-Werke-Verzeichnis
HWV / Händel-Werke-Verzeichnis
BWV / Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis
GWV 826/2
HWV 22, 367b/5, 610, Anh. B 545, deest
BWV 955a (in B, 81 Takte), Anh. 104 / Anh. III 181->
Works (not family of Bach):
Graupner, Christoph: Fuge d-Moll (GWV 826/2);
Händel, Georg Friedrich: Fugen d-Moll, g-Moll, a-Moll, e-Moll, C-Dur, F-Dur, D-Dur, G-Dur, B-Dur, c-Moll, Es-Dur, f-Moll, h-Moll und E-Dur (HWV deest), Fugensatz aus "Admeto re di Tessaglia", g-Moll (HWV 22, Auszüge, Arr.), Fuge aus Sonate h-Moll (HWV 367b/5), Fuge G-Dur (HWV deest),
Seger, Josef Ferdinand Norbert: Fuge a-Moll (Arr.)
Händel, Georg Friedrich: Fuge c-Moll (HWV 610 = BWV Anh. 104 / Anh. III 181->)
Link to works:
BWV 955a; BWV Anh. 104

unknown scribe
Scribe (in detail):
3 unknown scribe
Date (exact):
18. Jh.

Source Type:
Score, collective manuscript
Extent, Dimensions (cm):
27 leaves, 23,5 x 32,5 cm; 23 x 29,5 cm (Mus. ms. 9172/3)
Period of origin:
18th Century
Title of source:
TS: Fughe. | Del Sigre G. F: Händel
? – Königliche Bibliothek zu Berlin, jetzt Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Musikabteilung
BWV 955: version with 81 measures; is ascribed to G. F. Haendel here (title-heading: "Fuga / di Hendel"); concerning the question of authorship of BWV 955(a) see NBA V/12, Krit. Bericht, p. 86f.

Described in NBA, Critical report:
V/12, S. 82

Reproductions in the Bach-Archiv:
QK-Gö D-B 9172/1-3 (Xerox)
MF-Gö D-B 9172/3 (Film)
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