D-Gb, Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Institut, Göttingen
Scholz collection
Arrangement of the "Sonata a Traversa, Violino e Continuo", the "Canon perpetuus" and the "Ricercar a 3" for violoncello from the "Musical Offering", BWV 1079/3, 4h and 1

1. Appearance
Shelfmark                                  D-LEb Rara Ib, 92 (olim D Gb Ms. Scholz 8.1.3b)
Extent 1 sheet
Measurement, in cm 35 x 21
Rastrology, in cm 0,75
Paper/Watermark 'horn in a shield 1'
Cleffing bass clef
Safe-keeping/Quire/Foliation the sheet is partly paged: f. 1r: 1, f. 2v: 4
Scribe Leonhard Scholz
clean copy, without corrections
Dating 18th century

2. Contents
Arrangement                             f. 1r: BWV 1079/3 (violoncello part), 1st movement; 2nd movement, mm. 1 - 115
f. 1v: BWV 1079/3 (violoncello part), 2nd movement, mm. 116 - end; 3rd movement, 4th movement, mm. 1 - 36
f. 2r: BWV 1079/3 (violoncello part), mm. 37 - end; BWV 1079/4h
f. 2v: BWV 1079/1 (lowest part arranged for violoncello)
Title-heading BWV 1079/3, 1st movement: "Sonata. Violoncello. / Largo"
BWV 1079/3, 2nd movement: "Allo"
BWV 1079/3, 3rd movement: "Andante"
BWV 1079/3, 4th movement: "4th movement: "Allegro"
BWV 1079/4h: "Canon / ppetuus." (before the accolade)
BWV 1079/1: "Fuga ò Ricercar"
Model presumably original publication

3. Miscellaneous
Foreign/later entries                none
Condition of source heavy bleed-through;
no traces of use
Provenance L. Scholz - ? - Franconian private ownership - antique shop Schneider, Tutzing - Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Institut Göttingen (1968)
Literature NBA VIII/1, critical report, p. 84
Remarks BWV 1079/3, 2nd movement: Departures from the text of the original publication. Simplifications especially in mm. 21-32 and 61-66. In mm. 89-96, 108-115 and 126-133 rests. Analogical occurs in BWV 1079/3, 4th movement: e.g. simplifications in mm. 34-36.
In BWV 1079/1 there are bars of rest e.g. in mm. 32-37 and simplifications e.g. in mm. 62ff.
The upper register, strong chromaticisms and longer sequences of semiquavers were avoided.
There is a part for flute in D Gb Ms. Scholz 8.1.3a which belongs to this part. The second part (violin) of BWV 1079/3 and 1079/4h is missing.