D-Gb, Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Institut, Göttingen
Scholz collection
Collective manuscript with chorale arrangements: Vater unser im Himmelreich, BWV 761 / Anh. III 172, and Es ist gewißlich an der zeit, BWV 734a

1. Appearance
Shelfmark                                  D-LEb Rara Ib, 33 (olim D Gb Ms. Scholz 4.9.4)
Extent 1 sheet
Measurement, in cm 23,5 x 29
Rastrology, in cm 0,95
Paper/Watermark 'lily 5' [eventually of the type 'coat of arms of Strasbourg']
Cleffing BWV 761: soprano clef/bass clef; BWV 734a: violin clef/tenore clef/bass clef
Safe-keeping/Quire/Foliation single sheet, not paged/foliated
Scribe Leonhard Scholz
Dating 18th century

2. Contents
Arrangement                             f. 1r: BWV 734a = Emans No 67, mm. 36 - end
f. 1v: BWV 761, mm. 1 - 32
f. 2r: BWV 761, mm. 33 - end
f. 2v: BWV 734a, mm. 1 - 35
Title-heading BWV 761: "Choral Vater unser im himmelreich a 1 Clav: con Pedale / J.- S. BACH"
BWV 734a: "Choral Es ist gewißlich an der Zeit [etc.-abbr.] a 2 Clav: et Pedale canto fermo in Tenore"
labelling of the accolades: "Piano / Forte / Pedale"; without ascription

3. Miscellaneous
Foreign/later entries                none
Condition of source good (the corners are slightly damaged, ripped in the fold), no traces of use
Provenance L. Scholz - ? - Franconian private ownership - antique shop Schneider, Tutzing - Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Institut Göttingen (1968)
Literature R. Emans: Johann Sebastian Bach. Orgelchoräle zweifelhafter Echtheit. Thematischer Katalog, zusammengestellt von Reinmar Emans, Göttingen 1997, No 164 and 64
Remarks BWV 734a = version with pedal
The c.f. in BWV 734a (Zahn* No 4429a) does not correspond with the principal version, BWV 734, in the "Abgesang". As a result there are significant modifications in mm. 32b - 39 in the other parts. Up to m. 32 and from m. 40 on the versions are identical except for little differences.
BWV 761 was composed by Georg Böhm probably.

*Johannes Zahn: Die Melodien der deutschen evangelischen Kirchenlieder, 6 Bde., Reprographischer Nachdruck der Ausgabe Gütersloh 1889, Hildesheim 1963