D-Gb, Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Institut, Göttingen
Scholz collection
Collective manuscript with 2 chorale arrangements from the "18 Choräle" and the "Clavier-Übung III": herr Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend, variant of BWV 655, and Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr, variant to BWV 676a

1. Appearance
Shelfmark                                  D-LEb Rara Ib, 11 (olim D Gb Ms. Scholz 4.2.4)
Extent 1 sheet
Measurement, in cm 26,5 x 23,5-24
Rastrology, in cm 0,7
Paper/Watermark 'horn in a shield 4'
Cleffing BWV 655b: violin clef/alto clef/bass clef; BWV 676a: soprano clef/alto clef/bass clef
Safe-keeping/Quire/Foliation single sheet, not paged/foliated
Scribe Leonhard Scholz
clean copy (little corrections in BWV 655b)
Dating 18th century

2. Contents
Arrangement                             f. 1r: blank (not ruled)
f. 1v: BWV 655b
f. 2r: BWV 676a
f. 2v: blank (not ruled)
Title-heading BWV 655b: "Chorale Sopran Herr J. C. dich zu uns wend [etc.-abbr.] Canto fermo in Basso"
BWV 676a: "Chorale sopra Allein Gott in der Höh sey Ehr [etc.-abbr.] Canto fermo in Soprano"
without any ascriptions

3. Miscellaneous
Foreign/later entries                none
Condition of source very good (little bleed-through), no traces of use
Provenance L. Scholz - ? - Franconian private ownership - antique shop Schneider, Tutzing - Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Institut Göttingen (1968)
Literature R. Emans: Johann Sebastian Bach. Orgelchoräle zweifelhafter Echtheit. Thematischer Katalog, zusammengestellt von Reinmar Emans, Göttingen 1997, No 89
C. Blanken: "Orgelwerke der Sammlung Scholz in ihrer Beziehung zu Nürnberger Instrumenten", in: Vom Klang der Zeit. Besetzung, Bearbeitung und Aufführungspraxis bei Johann Sebastian Bach (Festschrift Klaus Hofmann), ed. U. Bartels und U. Wolf, Wiesbaden 2004, pp. 60f.
Remarks BWV 676a is a strongly shortened arrangement which is playable one-manual also. The c.f. was transfered from the alto/tenore part to the soprano part; and the original piano part as well as the pedal part was transposed one octave below. The authentic musical text of BWV 676a is given in Ms. Scholz 4.4.3.
The variant of BWV 655 is corresponding to the version which was recorded in the BWV of 1950 with the number 655b. It is a strongly shortened version in G major which begins with the characteristic figure in the bass solely and which is playable on one manual. The mm. 8 - 27 are corresponding to mm. 52 - 71 of the principal version BWV 655. There are several other arrangements of BWV 655 given in the collection of Scholz: Ms. Scholz 4.2.2 (= early version from Weimar, BWV 655a); Ms. Scholz 4.2.3; Ms. Scholz 4.9.19; Ms. Scholz 4.9.20; Ms. Scholz 4.9.21 and Ms. Scholz 4.9.22.