D-Gb, Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Institut, Göttingen
Scholz collection
Adaption of chorale arrangements to O Mensch, bewein dein Sünde groß, BWV 622; In dir ist Freude, BWV 615, and Christ, unser Herr, zum Jordan kam, BWV 684

1. Appearance
Shelfmark                                  D-LEb Rara Ib, 5 (olim D Gb Ms. Scholz 4.1.2)
Extent 1 sheet
Measurement, in cm 33 x 27,5
Rastrology, in cm 0,7
Paper/Watermark 'lily in a shield 4'
Cleffing BWV 615, 622: soprano clef/bass clef/bass clef
BWV 684: violin clef/bass clef/bass clef
Safe-keeping/Quire/Foliation single sheet, not paged/foliated
Scribe Leonhard Scholz
written neatly and space-savingly; a few corrections

2. Contents
Arrangement                             f. 1r: adaption of BWV 615
f. 1v: adaption of BWV 684, mm. 1 - 41
f. 2r: BWV 684, mm. 42 - end
f. 2v: adaption of BWV 622, mm. 1 - 31 [the end is missing]
Title-heading adaption of BWV 615: "In dir ist Freude [etc.-abbr.] a 2 Clavier con Pedale"
adaption of BWV 622: "Choral sopra O Mensch bewein dein Sünde groß [etc.-abbr.] a 3 Voci / Adagio"
BWV 684: "Christ unser Herr zum Jordan kam [etc.-abbr.] a 2 Clav con Pedale Canto fermo / in Basso"

3. Miscellaneous
Foreign/later entries                none
Condition of source good, little bleed-through on f. 2v; no traces of use, the corners are abraded
Provenance L. Scholz - ? - Franconian private ownership - antique shop Schneider, Tutzing - Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Institut Göttingen (1968)
Remarks In BWV 615 the pedal is written down an octave.
In BWV 622 there is an added introduction of 8 measures, the last measure is missing, the texture has been simplyfied and modernised.
There are three other arrangements of BWV 684 in the collection:
Ms. Scholz 4.4.6
Ms. Scholz 4.4.7
Ms. Scholz 4.4.8